About Sabrina Nicole


Currently employed: Web Operations Consultant.

Design graduate from the University of Salford with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design Futures. I am a Digital Content Creator specialising in Content Management, SEO, Blogging, Graphic Editing, SEM, SEO Copywriting and Copy-editing. Providing these services for small and independent businesses.

Formerly: SEO Web Content Editor. I specialised in Digital Marketing including SEO, PPC, SEM and Content Management.

My creativity ranges from being a qualified Beauty Therapist and transitioning onto design. I’ve turned both my hobbies into careers. I have learned many different skills over the years whether its beauty, design or media I combine them all and use them towards my future.

The transition onto Design Futures from beauty gave me the freedom to explore, translate and express my interests in design, and understand opportunities within the creative industries. My interests and strengths are in promotional design within the beauty and fashion industry and it is these areas that I have undertaken my creative and theoretical projects in at University and to advance my career.

You can find me at Creative Sabrina

About Sabrina Nicole Ruthven

“Sabrina Nicole is a Digital Content Creator and Blogger. Online she goes by the alias Creative Sabrina. She is the owner of mobile beauty therapy company Popup Parlour”